April 28, 2011 Jason

Zoho – quick and awesome – Freemium style

Just a quick post today – love being busy, hate that I neglect my blog when it happens.

I recently stumbled across a new (well, new to me) company that offers a great selection of tools for small to medium sized business.  Cloud based, plain-jane tools that you can use instead of forking over big bucks to Microsoft (not to pick on them – but it’s nice to have an alternative that isn’t Google)

Zoho.com – web based apps for collaboration (chat/mail/wiki, etc), business apps (CRM, invoice, recruiting, etc), and productivity (calendar/notebook/writer, etc) and more.  It looks like they’ve got a freemium model for each tool – if the basic tool is good enough for your current needs, you don’t have to pay.  There’s no “free trial period” and it isn’t chock full of ads.  In the quick bit that I’ve played with it – there aren’t any ads at all.

I stumbled across these folks while searching for a useful tool to help with tracking prospects and creating a trackable sales funnel.  From what I’ve seen of Zoho CRM – the free version does more than I currently need, and it does everything I need quite well.

No review right now – but stay tuned, because I think I’m falling in love with these folks.



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