August 3, 2011 Jason

#YYJFreelanceCamp – Request for Freelance Experts

First of all – thanks to everyone for taking the poll to vote on what you want to see at a FreelanceCamp in Victoria this fall.  (To read all of the posts on this topic, please click here)

The topics that got the most votes:

  • Freelance Best Practices
  • How to Set Your Rates
  • How to Maximize Your Profits
  • How to Outsource
  • How to Prospect New Clients
We’re still working on an appropriate venue, but one of the most important decisions we still need to take care of – who do you want to see at the event?  We’ve got some amazing local talent, so we want to make sure we can coordinate the schedules to get as many experts in place so you can learn how to improve your business.
Our question to you is – Who Do You Want to See?
Is there a freelancer in your circle/friends/followers that you think would be able to lead a great conversation?  Someone who’s level of success you’d like to achieve? A competitor’s secrets you want to see shared?  Do you want to present your ideas to the group?
Please let us know in the comments so we can contact them to see if they are interested.
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