#YYJFree Volunteers – @truthaboutfood

October 6, 2011 Jason

#YYJFree Volunteers – @truthaboutfood

Here’s a volunteer that needs no introduction – but I’m going to, anyways!

A huge help to a large variety of causes in Victoria, we’re very grateful to have his skill and talent on tap for our FreelanceCamp setup.

It might just be me, but it seems that any event that Anthony is a part of is a successful event!  Hope we can keep that streak alive

Over the past 25 years, Anthony has explored and expanded his intuitive and creative abilities with photography, video, design, traditional and web based marketing, hospitality, customer service, public speaking and sales.

His career has given him experience within hospitality, food service, private business, events, conventions, social media, management, retail, diet & nutrition and so much more. His role with Sociability allows him to call upon his diverse and extensive abilities, interests and experience as well as his keen interest in all creative things relating to marketing.

“Two of the most influential people in my life were very skilled at being sociable. At the age of 14 I was introduced to Dale Carnegie, (author of the world renown book How to Win Friends & Influence People) through one of his public speaking and human relations courses. Looking back, I believe taking a Dale Carnegie course showed me that the sociability based ways my father had been instilling in me as a kid were the best ticket to be successful in the world. Today, my passion is being able to share that sociability expertise in any forum, in person and online.”

Check his website out, follow him on Twitter, and like his Facebook page – you’ll be glad you did!

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