October 6, 2011 Jason

#YYJFree Volunteers – @dewolfe001

Our volunteers are freelancers too – and we’re happy to share a bit about them with the rest of the freelancers in Victoria.

If you’re looking for exceptional talent and a fantastic work ethic – please have a look at our volunteers to help you on your next project

Introducing – Mike DeWolfe

I have been doing freelance writing since 1984 with some long gaps of activity– print publications, online articles and some ghostwriting. I started into doing site design and web development as a freelancer in 1999 after a few years of working for a local company. Likewise, I’ve had gaps of full time tech freelancing since then wherein I work for a company as one of their IT people. Since March of this year, I’m back to full time freelancing and I’m LOVING it.

Our business, Those DeWolfes Creative  is the business face to our talents: web development, internet architecture, art projects and training.

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