June 8, 2011 Jason

Does #YYJ need a FreelanceCamp?

Hi Freelancers and wannabe freelancers in Victoria and Vancouver Island.

We’re trying to find out if there’s enough interest in a freelancecamp in our community – and would love to have your feedback.

Not sure what a freelancecamp is?  Part education session, part networking session, part group therapy.

If you’re currently a freelancer, or think you might enjoy the life of working from home, being your own boss, not showering for days, stressing over incoming deadlines and cheques that seem to arrive weeks/months after they were sent – this might be a great opportunity to meet people that think just like you do.

Definition of a freelancer: A person who has broken away from the corporate 9-5 so they can enjoy the freedom and autonomy of working from home from 6am – 10pm. Or more.  🙂

We learned about freelancecamp last year, when the folks at the NetworkHub hosted it in Vancouver.

It. Was. Awesome.

200 likeminded freelancers, from every niche market you can think of, under one roof, enjoying guidance and lifelearnings from other freelancers that have “been there, done that” and managed to make a moderate success for themselves.

$10, including a delicious lunch and freelance-grade coffee (aka rocketfuel)

A few of the topics that were discussed:

and so many more – have a look here to see all of the classes

Unofficially, the NetworkHub in Vancouver might be doing another session in the fall. We will be attending that, and would love to see you there.

So, the question is – do we have the community to do this here?.

We’ll need a venue

we’ll need sponsors

we’ll need commitment

we’ll need support

But the best thing is – you’ll get to meet people just like you.

Please share this with your freelance friends, so we can find out if there is enough interest (it doesn’t need to be the same scale as the event in Vancouver)




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  1. InHub, Victoria’s own coworking space is almost open and we would love to host a freelance camp. I’ll chat with Minna and see how we can coordinate with what the Network Hub is doing.

    Check us out:

    • Jason

      Evan – love to hear some more details – I’ve heard some rumors, but not real info.

      give me a call or shoot me a note, and we can chat


  2. Daryl C

    Very cool. We’re starting up a co-working space in Kelowna on July 1 and would be cool to get involveed in this as well.

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