December 21, 2010 Jason

New Year’s Resolution – Clean it Up!

Not many folks know this yet, but there’s a new podcast available from the fine folks at –it’s called the Workawesome podcast.  Yeah, I know – they’re known for their contributions to productivity – not for their ability to create awesome names for podcasts.  Hosted by our very own Mike Vardy, it’s an interesting podcast to introduce the listeners to effective ways to increase their productivity.

Anyways…while I was taking the dog for her walk, I got to hear a recent podcast featuring the creator of the GTD (GettingThingsDone) system – David Allen.

One of the comments by Allen in the podcast was about New Year’s resolutions.  Instead of creating a resolution, why not just clean up what you’ve got left over from the previous year? Pretty good idea, if you ask me.  And if you didn’t ask me, why are you reading this post?

Since this is my first year of being self-employed, I wasn’t sure what to expect about the busy periods.  So far, every month has been busier than the previous month, and with a ton of active projects and open proposals on my plate, I really like the idea of focusing on completing the tasks at hand before making a resolution to start something new.  There’s a lot to be said about completing a project, and I think starting the new year with a clean slate is a great idea.

Here’s to getting things done – and I hope you have a great Christmas, and a fantastic New Year!

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  1. Jac

    cleaning up what is left of the previous year… could be dangerous.. four sock monkeys are half finished.. big bottle of sambuca needs to be downed.. some old pharmacuticals in the bathroom cabinet. Seriously though, great advice! Congratulations on your first year of self employment, and the challenges that must bring! Best wishes for the new year!

    • Jason

      Well, i might be able to help you with the sambuca and the pharmaceuticals – but you’re on your own with the sock monkeys! Best wishes to you and your amazing family

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