July 13, 2011 Jason

WritersWednesday – #WW

While every day should have some writing, to celebrate humpday, here are a few links to help you get some of the writing you want to get done:

Distraction-free word processor – via writemonkey.com (for windows) – almost as easy and inspiring as a blank sheet of paper.  Zenwriting lets you write without any distraction

Random Writing Prompts – via writingfix.com – sometimes, choosing a topic is the hardest part (because a blank piece of paper can be just as terrifying as it is inspiring!)

Get your Groove on – via grooveshark.com – setup a playlist of the tunes that help you focus on your writing.  I find different writing tasks work best with different playlists – and headphones help block out the rest of the world.

Get in the Community – via writing.com – a huge community of writers available to provide support, guidance, critique, and feedback.  Generally very gentle, with a large assortment of tools you can use to fill your pages.

Get Paid – via duotrope.com  – an excellent database of publishers of fiction (or poetry).  Choose by genre, style, payscale, royalties, and more.  Great info on response time/acceptance rate for many publications


You can use tweetchat to follow any hashtagged conversation easily – like #WW – WritersWednesday (which will also have some WineWedenesday chat, but that’s just icing on the cake!)

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