July 28, 2009 Jason

What’s the value of an idea?

I came up with the idea for the iPhone.  Well, maybe not the idea for the iPhone, but I certainly thought about merging my cell phone with my MP3 player.


So, why am I not rolling in the dough from this invention?  Action; or rather, lack of it.

Whatever your idea is, without action it’s worthless.

There are so many people that sit on an idea because they think it might be the next iPhone – and they’ll be rich if they can just make it happen.  The problem is, the majority of these ideas will never see the light of day because they are locked in the prison of someone’s mind.

And on that thought – how many ideas remain exactly the same from inception to delivery of the final product?

The changes that happen usually make the idea better, and those changes only happen when you share your idea with other people.  Together you create something that could be the next iPhone.  Or bigger.

If you think of your idea as a seed, the only way that it will grow is if you put it in the right spot, give it lots of light and nurture.  You’ll be amazed by how fast and big it grows.

Many people think the idea is the valuable part – but, it’s not.

How much does a seed cost vs. buying an entire full grown tree?

An idea + action will result in a product.

The other day I had someone tell me that my idea was great.  He then told me that I should be careful sharing it with others, for fear that someone might poach it.

The way I see it, if someone is able to do something with an idea that I created, I am happy for them.  They were able to overcome the biggest challenge; inaction.

Now, if someone consistently “borrows” my ideas, I can look at in two different ways.

I can be upset that they are getting the fame and the glory (ok, more realistically, the praise and maybe reward) that I deserve


I can try and figure out what was preventing me from actioning the idea.  Why wasn’t I able to get that off the ground?

Everyone has ideas.  All the time.

Shed a little light on yours, and you might be pretty surprised with what happens.

And remember, the person that steals your ideas will always have to steal ideas, but you are the person that creates ideas, and you will always be able create more of them.

– Jason

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