July 28, 2009 Jason

What’s the point of social networking?

OK – Oprah’s doing it, Ashton’s doing it, even my rhetoric professor is doing it

What’s the big deal with Twitter?

It’s the same as Facebook status updates, right?

Well, it’s a bit more than that.  It’s more like channel surfing with an ADD-afflicted spouse, but at least now you’re in control of the remote – which means you get to decide on the channel that interests you.

Twitter is a real-time stream-of-consciousness that connects you with as many (or as few) other tweeters as you want.

Catch up with your local and global friends.  Meet new people that share your interests.  Find out what other losers people are doing late Friday nights on #lofnotc (losers of friday night on the computer – you’ll usually find me there, too!)

Apparently there are over 101 things you can do with Twitter…

But Twitter is more than that.

It’s the vehicle to promote automotive ingenuity in a time where this industry is ready to try anything

It’s the single voice of those that cannot scream due to censorship.

The question shouldn’t be “what’s Twitter doing now”

You should be asking “What will Twitter do next?”

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who know’s, maybe  I will tweet something interesting.  Not gonna happen on Friday nights…

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