August 14, 2011 Jason

What Kind of Freelancer are You?

Just a really quick post today because I want to know more about you and I image you probably want to hear less from me!

I’m going to be adding a section to the Brandscaping blog to feature local freelancers, including some good info as to why local businesses should choose a freelancer to help them find success.  Victoria has an amazing cross-section of small and medium sized businesses, but I don’t think they know how much talent is available to them locally.  With your help, I’d like to help change that.

So – what kind of freelance work do you do?

Are you a writer – and if you are, what kind of writer? Copy/legal/blogger extraordinaire?  Fiction/poet/cunning linguist – what kind of words do you like to put on the page?

Graphics folks – are you a font master or a Photoshop professional?  Is your business helping people make pretty websites or awesome ads?

Photographers/wedding planners/chefs/financial planners/PR pro- what kind of freelancer are you?

Please leave a quick blurb about you in the comments, with a link to your website or portfolio.  My goal is to share this with the market so we can find new opportunities with more of our local businesses.

Thanks – I’m looking forward to learning more about you!




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  1. Anonymous

    Jason, that is a rad idea. There are quite often times when I need a bit of help in my work and have had poor results with or hunting through Craigslist. A Victoria Freelancer Directory would be a really cool idea.

    Although I am still in the disorganized stage of my freelancing career it would be cool to be added to your list. As you know I am a WordPress guy. I would like to specialize in blog development (ie design new blogs, integrate blog withing a current website, conversion to WordPress) but I also do Web Design/Development. Here is the link to my site:

  2. Ndewey

    I’ve been freelancing in Victoria for what seems like forever:
    Cartoons of all kinds; Book illustrations (30+ books); Illustration of all kinds; Animation (mostly 2D); Storyboards (movies, TV, advertising, animation, games).
    Web design… well, not so much, as you’ll see when you look at my neglected website:

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