October 30, 2013 Jason

The Fortunate Freelancer

The Fortunate Freelancer - Make Your Own LuckFuzzy bunny slippers. Skype meetings wearing a dress shirt and pajama bottoms. Showering once a week or so. Late, late nights and early, early mornings. Working at the beach, the park, or the coffee shop. These are some of the joys of the freelance lifestyle, but there are more. If you’re interested.

In case you haven’t met me, I’m a big fan of the freelance life. With the help of a few local freelancers, I’ve held a couple of freelance-centric events and freelance meetups. I’ve got a course at Royal Roads University scheduled for this fall to help people take the next steps towards becoming a freelancer, or discover useful tools and techniques to build their current business. I enjoy talking about freelancing with anyone and everyone.

To help spread the word and introduce more people to the freelance world, I’ve written a book. The Fortunate Freelancer: Make Your Own Luck, is the first in what will be a series of ebooks designed to help you enter the freelance world or improve the profitability of existing freelancers. Discovering where to find new – and better – clients, avoiding common mistakes, and managing the feast/famine cycle common to this type of business.

I’ve adopted the “Fortunate Freelancer” title because I’m regularly told that I’m “lucky” to have found my way in this niche. And sure, I am lucky, but it takes a helluva lot of work to be lucky. Finding good clients, delivering beyond their expectations, and working my ass off to be the solution to their problems are just the beginning. I felt it was time to share some of the methods I’ve used, so you can be lucky too.

You can find my new book on Amazon. If you find it useful, share it with another freelancer. If you didn’t, message me so I can find a better answer for your current situation, or return it to Amazon to take advantage of their exceptional return policy.



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