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Ever looked at an article or tagline and thought, "Wow - that's perfect! I'm going to buy [x] because the copy is amazing"? Your customers haven't either. Excellent copy isn't about the cleverness of the writer; it's about creating a conversation...

Copywriting Rates

There's rarely a simple answer for copywriting rates, as there are often many factors involved. Research, tone, reach, CTA (Call to Action) and other critical components play a part in determining the overall cost of a project, so we've come up with an...

Our Team

We're pretty lucky to have such an amazing array of freelance talent here in Victoria, BC, and it's my pleasure to share these superstars with you. If you're looking for an experienced copywriter, communications expert, graphic designer, web programmer,...


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YYJFreelanceCamp - Victoria's First Freelance Camp

YYJFreelanceCamp - Victoria's First Freelance Camp

Please join us for Victoria's first FreelanceCamp October 22, 2011 InHub - Victoria's coworking space   9am - 5pm An Un-conference for Freelancers in Victoria
Quality Copywriting Builds Your Brand

Quality Copywriting Builds Your Brand

Words make or break your entire marketing efforts. You can turn off your audience by choosing words that are too aggressive, and if your message isn't strong enough, your audience will remain a reader, not a buyer. A professional copywriter knows which...

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