May 2, 2013 Jason

Shared Workspace Needs a Web Genius

There’s a new shared workspace coming to Victoria, and while they’re working on the physical logistics, they’ve let me know that they need some help with their current website.

If you’re a web-wizard and looking for a new project, this might be right for you – especially if you’re interested in bartering your service for space in the new location.

Here’s the info:

Looking for an original, dynamic web designer who can help us with our online communication.

We are opening a new coworking environment downtown called TheSpace.

TheSpace is a vibrant coworking lab designed to catalyze and foster creativity and collaboration with a focus on social and sustainability innovation. 

It is a launchpad for new projects, initiatives, relationships, businesses, and the unknown (but exciting) outcomes that come from creative energies colliding in a shared physical space. TheSpace is a place for making connections and making things happen – and getting your work done.

Here is our current site, We did it on our own, and it sucks.

We want some pow, to tap into a feeling of excitement and community and cutting edge creativity.

Ideally we’d find a designer who is also interested in working in TheSpace, and we could discuss options for bartering your services for work or event space.

We also need you to walk us through the best use of social media and linkages between that and our site for efficient blogging and other communication that ties them all together.

***For anyone reading this that might have an interest in workspace, please get in touch through our website.  Fill out the survey on our site and tell us what we can do to make it a good fit for you.***

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