October 15, 2010 Jason

Saving Water by Freelancing – Blog Action Day Post

Today is Blog Action Day, and the focus is on Water.  Since almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water, it’s safe to say that this needs to be a priority.

One of the topics I write about (usually on www.freelanceswitch.com) is freelancing, and I started thinking about the ways that freelancing helps to contribute to water conservation.  I know it’s not possible for everyone to switch over to freelancing, but if you really love this planet, it’s something you should consider.

So here are 5 ways that freelancing helps to save water:

  • No commute – I wake up each morning, take the dog for a walk, and then sit down at the computer and start work.  No driving means no wasted fuel, no increase in carbon emissions, and no parking problems. 
  • No showering – OK, maybe don’t give up showering completely, but since my clients don’t need to see me (and in truth, many would likely pay extra not to see me) I don’t need to shower every day.  And even if I do shower, I don’t need to shave every day.  I’m not suggesting that you give up personal hygiene altogether, but I’d say that my water consumption in this area has certainly decreased.
  • Less Laundry – I may not be painting a pretty picture for freelancers, but I doubt that I am alone in the fact that my wardrobe needs have changed significantly from my days of working in an office.  Less clothes mean less laundry, which means less water required
  • Less Flushing – OK, this might sound bad, but just think of the movie Meet the Fokkers.  Dustin Hoffman has a great saying for water conservation – “If it’s yellow, let it mellow.  If it’s brown, flush it down.”  This might not be a good policy in an office, but if you drink as much coffee as I do, you could be looking at saving 6L of water per trip, and that adds up to some hefty savings over the course of the week.
  • No bottles – I used to drink a bottle or three of water every day when I was working in an office.  Usually one on the way in, one on my lunch, and at least one on the way home.  Now that I am working at home, I have no need for the plastic bottles.  The dog isn’t as happy about this, as she really loved playing with them – but I think she prefers the fact that I am home with her all day now.

So now just find a way to convince your boss to let you start working from home, or – leave the corporate environment altogether and start building your own business.  You will enjoy it more, you will be making a difference, and you will be amazed at how quickly you get adjusted to the lifestyle.

Now excuse me please – I’ve got some deadlines to miss.

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  1. Adil javed

    Nice post. I agree with everything as long as you don’t have kids. Once you have kids at home, you won’t be able to do most of the above.

    • Jason

      Thanks Adil,
      No kids on the radar, and the dog isnt that much of a problem – yet!

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