Words make or break your entire marketing efforts. You can turn off your audience by choosing words that are too aggressive, and if your message isn’t strong enough, your audience will remain a reader, not a buyer. A professional copywriter knows which words to use and how to use them effectively. 

The copy for your website, newsletter, squeeze page, email, and even your blog post needs to be properly crafted to deliver results.  You can’t afford to waste your audience’s time with fluff and rambling content.  Every word needs to earn its keep.

At Brandscaping, we make your message produce outstanding results.  Quickly and at a fair price.

One of the techniques we use is the AIDA principle.

  • Attention – There are a billion other pages for your audience to read.  Effective copy captures their interest within the first two lines.
  • Interest – Speak to the emotional needs of your readers. Show them how they will benefit from your offer.  Provide value to encourage them to keep reading.
  • Desire – Show your audience why they absolutely must have your product.  .  Give them real reasons to justify why they should buy from you. Never lie and say it’s the best if it isn’t
  • Action – You don’t get anything if you don’t ask for it.  Your audience knows this is a sales pitch, so don’t pretend it’s something else.  Ask for the sale.  If you’ve done a great job on the first three components, it’s OK to tell them how they can order whatever you’re selling or sign up for the service you offer.

Are you throwing your money away?

Are you spending thousands of dollars on advertising, bringing new visitors to your website every day? Do you know what your conversion rate is?  Do you know how many new visits it takes to convert one sale?

Your bottom line is directly related to the number of people that click on the “Buy Now” button or the “Sign up Here” link – but if you aren’t measuring it, how do you know you’re not leaving money on the table?

It’s easy to claim that one writing technique is better than another, but it’s impossible to argue with results. Once you know what your current results are, you can make changes to optimize your conversions.  Don’t leave another dime on the table.  We can help you measure your sites stats and craft copy that outperforms your current content.

Call today to see what kick-ass copy can do for your organization.


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