February 28, 2011 Jason

Why Pay Full Price?

You know that box at the bottom of the online form that says “promotional code”?  I used to hate seeing that silly box, because I never knew the secret code to put in there. Until I got bored/frustrated, and figured I’d google to see if I could save a few bucks.  I have no problem using coupons at the store, so I certainly don’t mind using them online.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably finding that you are getting more and more comfortable with making your purchases online.  This isn’t a post warning you about security concerns, scams, and the like – I know that those only happen to other people!  This is going to sound like a paid review – but it’s not – for a website that I’ve been using to save some good $$.

Super simple website.  Just enter the name of the business you’re planning to buy from, and check to see if they have a discount deal

for you.  I’ve been able to find at least one discount for just about every company I’ve searched for, but just because there’s a

coupon doesn’t mean it will work for your specific purchase.  Sometimes the coupons are expired, and sometimes they are tied to certain rules.  Look to the left of the coupon and it will tell you the success rate of the folks that have used it.

Super simple – free, and saves you money.  All you need to do is go to the site to find what you’re looking for, and then remember to click the appropriate button for the “Did this coupon work for you?” – or even better, leave a comment –  so future searchers can see what your experience was.

Good luck – and feel free to buy me something with the money you saved!




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