September 15, 2009 Jason

Not the time, not the place


To be successful in life, whether it’s at work, at home, or with friends and family, you need to consider the impact of your actions on those around you.

Kanye West is a timely example here, in his recent hijacking of Taylor Swift’s award at the Video Music Awards.

If you haven’t heard yet, when Swift began her acceptance speech for her video West interrupted her, and then claimed that Beyonce’s video was much better, and should have been the winner.

Juvenile, petty, and unnecessary – and according to some, staged – West’s actions are inexcusable.

In one quick moment, serious damage was done to West’s career.  A 32 year old man reducing a 19 year old (American sweetheart) girl to tears on national LIVE TV over a popularity contest will cost West record sales, movie roles, and time.  His PR teams work is cut out for the next 12 months – damage control until next year’s VMA’s.

All for one inappropriate comment.

West’s apologies are insincere, as he compares the situation to a Ben Stiller movie.


But this incident provided us an opportunity to see actions speaking louder than words.

When Beyonce was acknowledged for the Video of the year, she let Swift complete the acceptance speech she had started earlier.  Beyonce = Class Act.  A strong woman doing the right thing. 

The lesson to be learned from Beyonce is there is always time to do what’s right – regardless of who was right or wrong.

And Kanye West, and anyone else that feels the need to make a statement –  when you speak, make sure that it’s the right place and the right time.


How not to be a good example

How not to be a good example

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