March 3, 2011 Jason

Local Linchpin – Rod Phillips – @Rod_phillips

What do you get when you mix solid content, brilliant sales strategies, and a willingness to embrace new technologies?  You get the unqualified success story that is Rod Phillips of Liquor Plus.

Phillips may have found success for his business through social media, but he’s also been very quick to give back to the community.  Supporting events like YYJTwestival or implementing outstanding ideas like VinoHospice – Phillips seems to understand that to be a success in twitter, you have to give back more than you get.  And he is continually giving back, making him this week’s Local Linchpin.

According to – Phillips has been tweeting since July 22, 2009.  In the 590 days since then, he’s tweeted 16,153 times – or an average of 27 times per day.  Many of these tweets are check-ins, personal tweets, sales offers for Liquor Plus, or questions to his followers.  But every tweet is pretty much like a mini conversation with Phillips.  Casual, friendly, and polite. His Klout score says that while he “may not be a celebrity, but within his area of expertise his opinion is second to none. His content is likely focused around a specific topic or industry with a focused, highly-engaged audience.” If you have a wine, beer, or spirits question, Phillips has the right answer for you. He’s just waiting for you to ask it.

Phillips is frequently mentioned as a local success story in print and online, but when you meet him in person, he’s gracious, personable, and seems to be genuinely interested in what you have to say.  I asked Rod to share his thoughts on Seth Godin’s book, Linchpin, and this is what Rod had to say:

What qualities/traits make a person a linchpin?

Passion for subject material including all the minutia of details. Ability to clearly communicate value & direction. Attractive personality. Confidence in oneself and a lack of fear of testing out ideas.

Who are the linchpins in your life?
My Wife, Leah Scabar (Operations Manager, Liquor Plus), Brett Large

What advice can you give to someone who wants to be a linchpin?
Find your passion and let it roll. Seek opportunities to test yourself and your resolve. Love the details because if you don’t you won’t be the linchpin of your organization. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes (it is likely you will make 1000 before hitting a home run). Always be humble and never rest on your laurels.


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