June 17, 2011 Jason

Is Your Character Shining Through your Tweets? It is for @FootButterGuy @SustainablyLush #FF

I was scrolling through the tweets of the aftermath of the riot in Vancouver, and came across a conversation between a pair of local tweeters, @FootButterGuy and @SustainablyLush.

What caught my eye was the respect and humility shown in the tweets – what started as a misinterpretation and could have easily escalated into a flaming diatribe of obnoxious opinions, instead became an open conversation between two obviously intelligent people. Just the fact that they both reviewed their tweets to see how the other might have interpreted, or misinterpreted, shows they both understand social media, and willingly engage in it.

Internet debate has become an oxymoron, so seeing an adult conversation – with a difference of opinions – take place is refreshing. I’ve been following @FootButterGuy for quite some time, and he consistently demonstrates his poise, class, and tact in the way he engages with his followers – online and offline. I can see that @SustainablyLush is of similar character, and I’m looking forward to learning more from both of them.

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