July 15, 2010 Jason

Is Old Spice’s New Campaign Brilliant? Yes. Yes It Is!

Recipe for massive success for your next campaign:

  • 1 interesting concept
  • 1 extra cheesy – yet incredibly handsome – actor
  • Lightning fast reaction time
  • Fantastic understanding of Social Media

You’ve probably seen the Old Spice commercials.  Good looking man, explaining how he is the ultimate in manliness and his Old Spice shower wash is partly the reason.

What makes this campaign so brilliant is the fact that the ad team listened to the audience and found a creative way to bring them something new – personalized commercials.  The audience wanted more of these ads, and Old Spice delivered.

By responding to tweets, facebook posts, emails and questions asked in other forums, the Old Spice team has created enough buzz  to become the 3rd highest viewed YouTube channel of all time – not bad for a campaign that just started a few months ago.  Check out the Old Spice youtube channel.  You can see that there are about 100 personalized videos, and while the production quality is very good, the production costs would be very reasonable.  These videos were made for the internet, and you can bet that they have been shared via email, twitter, and facebook by millions of fans.

The most important question for any campaign – is this ad effective?  Well, based on these video responses alone – if I can find a store that hasn’t sold out of Old Spice Body Wash, you know that I will be buying a bottle or two.

I guess the moral of this story is –  listen to what your audience is saying.  If you see that they like something, find a novel way to give them more.  Unless of course, you smell like lady scented body wash….

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  1. Dan

    Hey Jason check out the stats, sales of the product actually dropped.

    Awesomely creative social media campaign agreed but no results make it unfortunately completely ineffective.

    • Jason

      Hey Dan,
      Thanks for the feedback.
      I had a quick look, but it looks like the initial reports of the sales dropping were a bit premature (or a tad inaccurate – depending on who you want to listen to)
      Here is the update from Time after their initial post about the sales drop:
      Jeremy at ReelSeo had a great post that goes into detail about this campaign – certainly worth a look. I think he makes a few great points.

      You’ve given me an idea for my next post – instances where viral success did not result in business success

      Thanks for reading – more importantly – thanks for commenting!


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