March 10, 2014 Jason

Your Generic Email is Making You Look Like an Amateur

You already know why an unprofessional email address is potentially career-limiting on your resume or LinkedIn profile, but is your email address preventing you from landing new business?

Whose brand is being promoted by your email:

yours or your ISP’s?

This isn’t just for freelancers – there are many small businesses promoting either google or their internet provider with every email.  Switching to a better option is relatively easy and should be done for effective branding.

Chances are you already have a domain and website, and you can use your domain host’s mail service if it’s included in your package, or try out GoogleApps for a reliable tool that gives you more than just an email backend.

The team at have setup a great tutorial to walk you through connecting your domain with GoogleApps, giving you access to a suite of excellent tools for your freelance or small business. GoogleApps isn’t free anymore, but at $5 per user per month, it’s money well spent. (It might look like I’m shilling for google here – I’m not, I just think this is a great tool for any small business concerned about their brand identity) There are lots of other options, many of them great, some of them free. The important thing is that you make your email work for you instead of someone else.

Three reasons to implement a custom email:

  • Brand recognition. Every email you send and receive, the other party sees your business name
  • Futureproof – Your ISP might change in the future, forcing you to update your info for everyone who needs to contact you. (reprinting business cards/brochures, updating all of your online profiles, etc). If you control your email address, this isn’t a concern.
  • Professionalism – You want your clients to think of you as a professional. Your isn’t cutting it.

What your email address says about your computer skills


Bonus tip:

Set yourself up with a catch-all address and use it to customize email addresses on the fly. At the next meetup/business mixer or any other time when you are asked for your email address, tell them it’s their firstname/lastname/businessname – the email will be automagically forwarded to your correct email address, and your prospect will be able to remember your email address much easier. It’s not a big deal, but it can help you stand out from the crowd.

Bonus tip #2:

The folks at reached out  to share a comprehensive guide to setting up your own professional-looking email, including multiple options to choose from. It looks like a great resource for anyone who wants to start building their own brand.

What are your email tips/tricks?


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  1. Kyla Beattie

    Good blog Jason. This was written at the perfect time for me. I did go with Gmail but guess I will need to make some changes.

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