January 15, 2013 Jason

#freelanceforum sponsor – VIATeC

Our FreelanceForum could have taken place pretty much anywhere; the goal was to bring freelancers together in a meetup environment during the week of Jan 21 – 28, as per the guidelines from contently.com, but we wanted a space that allowed the conversation to flow without competing with the rest of the patrons, as this is the case with many meetups held in coffee shops. We sent a linkedin message to Dan Gunn, Executive Director at VIATeC, to explain who we are and what we were hoping to do, and within 30 seconds of sending our note, Dan replied saying  they’d love to provide their support, and hooked us up with the person who could make it happen.

We’re grateful to have so many local businesses, like VIATeC, acknowledge and appreciate the value of freelancers, and we’re looking forward to sharing the VIATeC lounge with you on Jan 22.


The Victoria Advanced Technology Council (VIATeC) is the conduit that connects people, knowledge and resources to grow a successful technology sector in Greater Victoria.

The organization was founded in 1989 to promote and enhance the development of the local advanced technology industry. With only a handful of known technology companies, the ambitious mandate to facilitate the development of our region as a global centre of excellence for advanced technology was set.

VIATeC is intended to be the first place that people contact for information or assistance related to advanced technology in Greater Victoria. VIATeC’s membership, which currently stands at over 375 annually, elects VIATeC’s Board of Directors, which in turn provides guidance to the Executive Director

Check out the companies that call VIATeC home, and sign up for Tectorian.com to see what’s happening in our local technology world.

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