January 16, 2013 Jason

#freelanceforum sponsor – FunctionFox

You might have heard of FunctionFox and their suite of tools that help ad agencies, PR firms, and freelancers track their time to ensure they’re able to accurately invoice their clients, but you might not have known that they are based out of Victoria, and have built a reputation of helping thousands of creative shops find success since 2001.

The FunctionFox team has a great reputation of supporting freelancers. They were a major sponsor for the International Freelancer Academy, providing support for the 2012 International Freelancers Day and they’ve designed timetracking tools that are perfect for one-person shops as well as multi-member teams.

We were thrilled to learn that FunctionFox wanted to put a package together for all of the freelancers attending #freelanceforum – and we’re looking forward to learning more about what they can do to help local freelancers do more and earn more.



FunctionFox was originally designed by an advertising agency for creative companies, so it is uniquely suited to the specific billing and timesheet needs of this industry. Many in-house marketing groups have also discovered how FunctionFox timesheets help improve accountability and simple project management.

At FunctionFox, we believe in keeping our customers happy. We answer questions and solve problems quickly, provide free updates regularly, and always go ‘the extra mile’ to ensure that FunctionFox works well for each of our customers, no matter how big or small.

Learn more about FunctionFox on their website, facebook, and twitter, but be sure to check out their Top 10 Resources for Freelancers – it’s a great article with info you can use to improve your own business.

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