January 16, 2013 Jason

#freelanceforum sponsor – 5381 Studios

Continuing our focus on local companies that choose to work with local freelancers, we’d like to thank the talented team at 5381Studios for providing us with some sweet giveaways to be used at FreelanceForum

We’ve worked with the 5381 team, and found them to be a fun and fantastic team of experts, focused on providing quality tech solutions to customers around the world. 5381 Studios manages several strong retail brands on behalf of their clients, including Defender Pro Antivirus, 123 Copy DVD and others, employing a network of experienced channel partners to help their clients deliver products to the market on time and on budget.


5381 Studios manages a dynamic portfolio of brands in various industries and categories across the technology sector. From console gaming to security suites, cloud storage to device manufacturing, 5381 Studios helps transforms ideas into concepts and finished product. With our demonstrated ability to market products and get on shelf, our team is more than qualified to help successfully launch your next great idea.

We help companies reach their goals by providing them with the tools they need to succeed, including business and software development, end user support, online marketing, and branding.



Check out their website, like their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter.

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