January 24, 2013 Jason

#FreelanceForum – A Great Success

On Tuesday, Jan 22, 2013 we had our first FreelanceForum, and it was awesome!

The event was conceived by the smartkids at contently.com as part of a FreelanceForum week, and we were happy to be part of the local process.

We were joined by a group of local freelancers – graphic designers, writers, communication experts, and more – to discuss the freelance opportunities available to us locally and globally.

We reached out to some of the local businesses to get their support, and we were thrilled at the immediate and positive response they all gave us.

Please help us say thanks to these folks for helping us make the Victoria forum better than expected. They didn’t have to help, but they did and we’re grateful

functionfoxFunctionFox – We received some great support from the FunctionFox team, including media releases and some help through social media. As well, we were happy to have them offer a free trial to everyone who attended the Forum.
If you’d like more information about TimeFox and how it can help you ensure you’re getting paid for 100% of your billable time – please contact Darren today.

53815381Studios – The 5381Studio team provided us with copies of 123CopyDVD and Defender Pro, and we were able to share these titles with pretty much everyone who attended. They specialize in time-sensitive projects and are one of the few West Coast destinations for retail software publishing and online sales and marketing. Check them out if you have an idea that you’d like to bring to market – they’re really great folks to work with.








Hemlock Printers Gord Wright and the folks at Hemlock have been quick to help us anytime we have a freelance event – in part because that’s how they started. Hemlock provided us with the pens and pads as well as the gorgeous photobook that Ian won. Check them out to see the great selection of products and services that freelancers can use to help their clients create impressive print collateral.


viatec_logoVIATeC – Holding a meetup in a coffeeshop is great because it’s free’ish and pretty easy, but when you’ve got a good sized group, it’s hard to hold a conversation. We emailed the VIATeC team to find out if they’d be interested in lending us the space to hold our event, and they responded less than 30 seconds later with an answer of “absolutely!”

Many of the businesses that VIATeC supports are small startups, and this is a great target market for pretty much any freelancer. Check out the VIATeC website, or sign up at www.tectorian.com


Thank you all for making the #FreelanceForum fantastic – looking forward to our future conversations.

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