Please join us for Victoria’s first FreelanceCamp

October 22, 2011

InHub – Victoria’s coworking space


9am – 5pm

An Un-conference for Freelancers in Victoria

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What is FreelanceCamp?

A space where you can meet local freelancers, solopreneurs, small business owners.  Learn from their experience, and offer your own words of wisdom.  FreelanceCamp is about discussion – and we’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

What is an Un-Conference?

An unconference is a facilitated, participant-driven conference centered on a theme or purpose. What does that mean?  You get to choose who the presenters for the day will be.

At the recent #604Free (Vancouver FreelanceCamp) – the freelancers that wanted to present were invited to pitch their topic and experiences to the crowd who, as a group, determined the speakers for the day.  We will be following the same model for the Victoria event – and can’t wait to see your pitch!

Who is #YYJFree for?

Anyone and everyone interested in learning more about freelancing.  Whether you’re thinking about doing some work on the side or you’ve enjoyed years of living the freelance life, there’s something for you at the camp.  Learn and teach, meet new contacts, make new friends.

Who are the presenters?

We don’t know yet.  This will be determined by you on the day of the event, but here’s a list of topics we’ve heard the Victoria freelance crowd would love to hear about:

  • Freelance Best Practices
  • How to set your rates
  • How to prospect new clients
  • How to maximize your profits
  • Tech tools (social media, platforms, mobility)
  • How to outsource
These were a few of the topics that we’ve heard you’re interested in – but please let us know what you want to learn about.  FreelanceCamp is about you – info for you, from others in your field.  Learn from their experiences, share new ideas, build a dynamic community.
Interested in presenting – share your topic in the comments and we’ll share it with our followers.
How much is this going to cost?

FreelanceCamp is about learning, not profiting.  The team at InHub are allowing us to use the space for free.  We’re trying to find sponsors for everything we will need for the day – coffee, tea, snacks, and maybe even lunch.   Because it’s a limited space event, ticket prices are $10  – and as a group we’ll determine which charity will get the proceeds.

Follow @YYJFree and stay tuned to the Brandscaping Blog for more information as it becomes available.

Interested in sponsoring – please contact us

Register for YYJFreelanceCamp - inHubCoworking in Victoria, British Columbia  on Eventbrite

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