October 4, 2011 Jason

FreelanceCamp Sponsor – Varial Technologies

We’ve got some great prizes lined up for the FreelanceCamp participants – and 10 of them are going to go home with a very nice package from the kind folks at Varial Technologies!  Make sure you check out their hosting plans, and like their Facebook page!


Varial Technologies, Inc. was founded in September 2008 and operates a family of technology, media, and social networking products and services. Based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, Varial develops web and mobile applications and provides Internet services enabling others to succeed online.

In January 2009, Varial acquired popular Canadian web hosting service provider D.I.Y. Web Hosting. Operating since 2003, D.I.Y. Web Hosting developed a client base that spanned the globe and saw great success within its local and niche markets. D.I.Y. Web Hosting was relaunched as Varial Hosting in September 2009 in an effort to reimagine the brand and expand its international presence.

With a love for technology, Varial strives to create products and services to enrich our lives and help us succeed both on and offline. Stay tuned for more cutting edge products and services from Varial Technologies!

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