June 24, 2011 Jason

Excellent Initiative from a Talented 4-H Marketer

lambIt likely won’t come as a surprise to anyone out there, but I am not a country boy.  I get my meat and veggies the old fashioned way – from Glenwood Meats and Thrifty Foods. Other than spiders, I have a hard time killing anything (and even starting to get squeamish about squishing spiders – unless they get too close)

So I was a bit surprised to receive an email today from a local 4-h Chapter – but quite impressed at the same time.

Here’s a future marketer/salesperson/copywriter – he knows who he is targeting, and what needs to be said – if you can use a lamb, or are interested in buying one for your business, please contact Nigel

Hi Jason,

My name is Nigel Erving and I am a member of the Saanich 4-H Lamb Club. I have been in the 4-H Program for 10 years and if you are unfamiliar with 4-H, I can give you some more detail.

The BC 4-H Program strives to develop the skills in our youth and volunteers to achieve personal development, leadership, awareness, citizenship and a sense of community in an exciting and challenging environment.


This year, I am selling my 4-H market lamb in the 2011 4-H Auction at the Saanich Fair. Each 4-H member selling in the Auction approaches businesses in hopes of finding a secure buyer or at least potential buyers.

I found your business in the Vancouver Island’s Got Talent program guide as you were listed as a sponsor. I thought I could contact you to see if you were interested in buying my lamb.

You are probably wondering what can my business do with a lamb? Well, there are many things you can do:

  • Have a company BBQ and treat your employees to a delicious lamb dinner.
  • Donate the meat to organizations such as the Mustard Seed, which can promote your business even more.
  • Hold meat raffles for the employees.
  • Use the meat as a reward or incentive with clients.

These are just a few suggestions of what other local businesses have done.

Next, you are probably wondering how your business can benefit from buying my lamb:

  • You would be supporting one of the proudest youth organizations available.
  • Some portions of your purchase can be tax deductible to businesses.
  • A thank you ad will be placed in local papers, advertising your support of the 4-H Program and its members.
  • From pasture to plate, you will be getting the best of the best in quality and pride.

One more thing is that if your business cannot attend the Auction, you can make a reserve bid (with a set minimum/maximum price) and somebody can bid on your behalf.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me


Yours Sincerely,


Saanich 4-H Lamb Club

BC 4-H Ambassador




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