July 3, 2014 Jason

Infographic – Choose Your Words Carefully

Our friends over at Grammarly, the grammar checker we’ve written about previously, have created an interesting infographic to illustrate the importance of choosing the right words when you create your resume and cover letter.

After collecting information from 500 active job postings, including the marketing and engineering fields, the Grammarly team analyzed the language used in the listings to determine the companies hiring priorities. They turned that data into this infographic, so you could see the keywords (not buzz words) that employers are looking for.

Grammarly Choose Your Word Wisely

#ProTip – Whether you’re interviewing for a job or pitching a new client, listen to what they’re saying and be sure to use the same phrasing they use, where possible. This is a simple technique to help you establish commonalities, and will benefit you in further negotiations.


If you’d like to read more about leveraging language, this article from WestSideToastmasters.com has some excellent information about word choice and persuasion.


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