January 25, 2013 Jason

Cannes Lions Screening – NABS Victoria 2012 – Award Winning Commercials

Last night was the second NABS benefit that we’ve had the chance to attend, and like the one before this, it was a fantastic night.

The event was held at Victoria BMW, and it was filled with local agencies, printers, graphic designers, photographers, and every creative group possible. Part benefit, part networking event, it was a chance to dress up and enjoy a night out with people within the industry.

As a freelancer, it’s great to find events like this. Not only do you get to meet some of the key players in the local region, but you get to talk about advertising to someone other than your spouse. Don’t get me wrong – my wife is a great listener, but I’m pretty sure she can only tolerate hearing about deadlines, creative briefs, and communication challenges for so long.

What is NABS?

The National Advertising Benevolent Society (NABS) is a dynamic support system for all Canadian professionals in the marketing and communications industry facing personal, career and family challenges due to illness, injury, unemployment or financial difficulties. If you need assistance, they’re the people to call. Check their website for more information.

100% of the funds raised at events like the one held last night go toward providing a safety net for Canadian professionals. It’s very nice to know that should something go wrong, be it illness, injury, or economic challenges,  there’s a group there who can provide support.

Cannes Lions Screening – Standouts

Part of the event includes the screening of some of the best commercials from around the world. Many of them were creatively impressive, while others were…perhaps a bit more artistic. All of them were entertaining, but here’s a few that stood out for me.

Love to know what you think of them

There was a lot of snuffling about this commercial from Thailand

This one is pretty great and takes an unexpected twist

Saridon aspirin has a great concept, and they’ve presented in a few different executions. I liked this one, but check out the rest.

This concept for Gandhi Bookstores is fantastic, and was presented a few different ways. An excellent delivery with a great twist.

You’ve probably seen this Coke ad already, but it is worth sharing again. Excellent idea – catch people doing something good.

Probably my favourite from the whole lot. You can imagine this happening at your office, with your friends, or even yourself. Loved it.

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