July 10, 2013 Jason

Building Your Skills

In order to improve, you have to be able to accurately assess where you are. How does the work you’re doing today compare with the work being completed by the rest of the folks in your field? There’s a ton of websites you can follow to see what’s new and exciting within your industry, and it’s important to regularly review them so you can appreciate the subtle changes taking place within your field.

To improve your game and start impressing your ideal clients, read publications, blogs, and real world examples of the work you want to do. Then practice.

Some excellent freelance-focused blogs to follow:

Another benefit of connecting in these forums is it opens the doors to better conversations. Talk with other freelancers and professionals in your field. Networking is a powerful tool to use in your freelance career, and if you don’t  meet your fellow freelancers (virtually as well as within your local market), you’re missing out on some incredible opportunities.

Where do you go to keep current?


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