August 18, 2009 Jason

Betty White is much more than talent

Betty White is 87 years old, and she is as funny – or funnier – as she has ever been.

While she hasn’t been on every successful TV show – she has been on many of them.  From ditzy Rose on The Golden Girls to a slightly homicidal executive assistant on Boston Legal.  From The Love Boat to Family Guy, Betty White is able to get her face, or voice, out to her public.  And she performs well every time. lists the films and TV shows that she has been on in her 87 years, and it reads like a “best of” list from TV guide.  Golden Globe nominations, Emmy’s, and American Comedy Awards accompany her name.   She is truly a talented actress and comedienne.

But talent isn’t everything.

True – Betty White can sing, can dance, and can act, but one of her lesser known talents is how hard she works.  She is not the best actress, she is not the best singer, and she probably won’t be on So You Think You Can Dance, but there are few people in North America that don’t know who she is.

Hard work trumps talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.

Make sure you work your talent hard.  No one else will do it for you.

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