October 8, 2010 Jason

Are you Continuing Your Education?

As a freelancer it can be easy to get focused on managing your daily workload and forget about trying to learn new tools and techniques to use in your business. Regardless of the field that you are in, continuing your education will benefit your bottom line. There are new tools being released on a daily basis that can help you increase your productivity, but it’s just as important to continue to educate yourself so that you can get ahead of your competition, and provide the best results for your clients.

Here are a few links to help you continue your education:

Virtual Professors – Random learning, with instructors like Steven Pinker or Tim Berners-Lee

WannaLearn.com – 350 categories with how-to guides on just about anything. Not a pretty site, but pretty good info

OnlineEduBlog.com – Informative repository for many online college/university options. If you are thinking of getting your degree online, check here to see what your options are.

There are many options available.  Choose the path that interests you, and speaks to your passion.  Then make the time to learn more about it – it will benefit you and your customers.

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