February 26, 2011 Jason

5 Victoria Based Blogs You Should Be Reading

On a snowy afternoon in February, why not take a look at some of the fantastic blogs that we’ve got here in the Capital city?

Lifeasahuman.com – Excellent site filled with a variety of content, from current affairs to humour to travel-adventure.  Good stuff from great local writers.

Vardy.me – From the mind of Mike Vardy.  Odd, funny, informative, and useful – very much like Mike Vardy!

ClientsFromHell.net – Quick blurbs of anonymously contributed horror stories, hosted by the unknown graphic designer.  Very funny, but don’t go here if you are easily offended.

YourCopeland.com – Insightful commentary from Doug Brown, el capitan of Copeland Communications.  An excellent source for anyone interested in the world of advertising, branding, social media, and business.

ScrimpOrSplurge.ca – Outstanding tips on how to find what’s free, what’s cheap, and what’s worth buying in Victoria.  Great content and great humour from the former editor of British Columbia Magazine.  You’ll probably want to visit this site daily to get the deals as they pop up.  Warning – she admits to drinking milk directly from the carton!

There are new blogs going up all the time, many of them outstanding, but I figured that I’d share a few that I enjoy – hope you do, too!

If there’s a blog or two that you think are “must-reads” here in Victoria, please leave them in the comments section.  If we get enough, we’ll create a directory of local blogs.


******And how can I forget TheUpsell.com?  Excellent look at service performance here in Victoria, from Shaw Cable to Pizza Hut.  Love the rating system! (Sorry Russ!)



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  1. Great list, thanks Jason! I have hard time finding the time to read anything, but if I do have, why not read local right?

  2. haha Thanks for the honourary mention Jason. Didn’t mean to come off so “squeaky wheel”. It is a great list and shows that though Victoria is a smaller city, we share big ideas in entertaining ways.
    Great list and a great reminder to support local.

    • Jason

      all good – i enjoyed your blog in the early days (even submitted a post!) – but havent made it back there in a while…i will now!

  3. If I had been less busy writing the posts I might have noticed this sooner! Thanks for including us Jason.

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