July 28, 2009 Jason

What is the point of Shock Advertising?

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As a final project in the communications program at Royal Roads University here in Victoria, BC, our team decided to investigate the value of shock advertising – do the ends justify the means?

With the help of some amazing people here in this fine city – we were able to create documentary that helps to answer the question: How far is too far?


Check it out: Http://shocking.brandscaping.ca

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  1. ev smith

    Just watched and then re watched this and after much thought I have to agree that we desensitize after watching these graphic ads (or movies or games). I recall the first time we heard ‘fuck’ in a movie and the shock of it all was felt throughout the theatre. Now if the word isn’t in a script we would feel like we were in church.
    I was very impressed, however, with the crystal meth statistics though. Great debate.

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